Name That Glass Part!

The glass parts on your automobile have various names. The most common is Windshield also known as a windscreen. But do you know the names of the other windows? And how about the stationary glass pieces that do not open?

What is the name of the glass part on my car?
Automotive glass, is an essential part of any car or truck. Not only does it keep you safe on the roads, but it also gives you a great view of the other vehicles on the road, and the scenery you may be passing by. But do you know what all the parts and pieces are called? Knowing the terminology can help you understand more about what type of glass your car needs, and can also help you make educated decisions when you take your car to get these components replaced.

So, let’s get to it and name that auto glass! The windshield is the large piece of glass located in the front of the vehicle. Usually the largest piece of glass, it covers the entire front of the car and offers the driver an unobstructed view.

The side windows are the slimmer pieces located on either side of the vehicle. Similar to the windshield, they are large for viewing, and most go up and down to let the occupants of the car get a better view, or we can put it up to keep the rain, snow or any other element away from the car’s interior.

The rear window is attached to the back of the car and is usually smaller than the windshield. It can be either built into the vehicle or be one part that’s attached to the roof of the car. The quarter windows are located in the two back corners of the car, just after the side windows. Commercially these are also called Vent windows. These are rarely operable. Most are stationary. They are usually much smaller than the other windows, and if they open it’s by hinging outward from the side.

Finally, you may come across sunroofs or moonroofs. These are pieces of glass that open up to let more natural light or air into the car’s interior. Sunroofs open upward and moonroofs typically slide open. Knowing the different names of auto glass can help you figure out specifically which kind of glass your car needs, and help take out some of the mystery behind car maintenance. Now you can take your car to the shop with more understanding and knowledge on the repair or replacement that needs to happen.

Tips for Easily Identifying Auto Glass Parts
When it comes to recognizing different types of auto glass parts, some people can’t tell one from the other. But with a few simple tips, you can be an expert in no time. To become an auto glass expert, you should understand the components of your vehicle’s glass.

Here are three simple tips to help you do so:

1. Look at the overall shape: Every type of glass has a unique shape, so first and foremost, look at the shape of the part. For example, windshields have a curve, while side windows are flat. This can help you narrow down the type of glass you’re looking at.

2. Look for any other features: Look for features like grooves, brackets, or reinforcements. These features can also help you narrow down the type of auto glass that you’re working with.

3. Research information about your car: Lastly, do some research on the make and model of your car. Different models and makes require different types of auto glass, so researching your car can give you more insight into the type of glass you’re working with.

By following these simple tips, you’ll be able to accurately and quickly identify auto glass parts. Additionally, having an understanding of auto glass can help you better assess and prevent damage to your windshield, as well as properly care for and maintain your vehicle.